Learning Resources – Part I

Like I mention in my About page, I am currently a student in Computer Science. So of course I learn a lot there, but of course it’s not what I’ll talk about in this series of posts! I also learn a great deal with a few resources that I cherish a lot. I will go through each of them in different posts.

Today I want to talk about lynda.com (a free ad for them, I guess…). It will be the object of Part I of this series mostly because I reactivated my subscription today. So Lynda.com is subscription-based service, accessible through their web site or via their iOS app. They have many categories, but I don’t care about all the non-developer videos…

I subscribed the first time to go deeper in my knowledge of SQL. I actually never finished that particular course. Nonetheless a very good one. But I wasn’t spending enough time on the lessons at the time so I stopped my subscription a first time. It has been an off/on relationship since; I keep going back whenever I have a little bit of time… or I feel dedicated enough to accomplish whatever I have in mind to spend the time learning what I need to learn. This time, I want to learn web development. As I mentioned in a previous post, I need a web site to accompany my eventual AppStore app.

As a service, it offers a good variety of courses. They all follow the same structure, so the quality is consistent. New courses are added on a regular basis, and they keep up with new technologies. Also, the instructors are very good!

On the other side, I wish they had more advanced courses. There is a lot of “Essential training” (that I appreciate greatly), but I also wish for more advanced courses. The worst aspect of it all is a small detail on their iPad app – small detail that makes a great difference for me: videos are streaming only, and very, very last minute. So you need to have a constant, high-speed internet to view the courses. The thing is: I spend a lot of time in the subway system. Here in Montreal, the subway system is connectionless. And it sucks. (Tell me we’re not the last one!) If I could buffer up a few lessons in advanced, it would do a huge difference in my experience. I can also think of people going in their backyard in the summer where their connection might be slower or non-existent.

Otherwise, they made great improvement on their iOS app and it’s now, in my experience, a stable and reliable release.

Oh, and I am not rating. This is my experience, from my needs. I reactivated my subscription, but this is one of many resources: that should speak for itself…


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