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My playground

Project Countdown is my playground. Besides being a project I cherish a lot, a realization I am very proud of, this app is also a project for me to learn, explore, be creative! This app will also be my portfolio, but this is a side effect. It is very important, but that’s not the main reason I’m doing it.

Being creative. This is not something to toss away quickly. I never felt I had such a creative canvas! I model the product, decide which implementation is best, write the code, draw the UI… This opportunity is golden.

Last week, I’ve received Big Nerd Ranch’s new Android book. After finishing the book, I will port my app to Android and distribute it to Google Play.

Also, this app will be where I will learn more about localization and accessibility feature. This app will be where I will learn how to create a server to be able to sync my own data. And so, so much more… This is so exciting!