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The big reveal!

Dear readers, I almost forgot you!

Last week was crazy. I did a last sprint that was very challenging. I finally was able to upload my binary last thursday! Current status is: “Waiting for review”. Or, in my own words: “This is so stressful and I don’t have control anymore!”. I am stressed out because there is a conference on april 10th. I am registered to attend, but I am waiting an iTunes Store link for my app to register in the conference’s contest. Without that time limit, a rejection would mean working on my app again and submit it again later on… Which is not that bad…

So I promised to tell you, finally, what my app does… Here it is!

The app is Project Countdown. At school, I have many deadlines: assignments, projects, exams… I dedicate a whole calendar to those deadlines, but I don’t care to know my final is on april 28th. Because I never know what day it is. By the time I remember that we are in March, it’s already April… So I often wake up and realize I only have a week left to study, or work on the assignment, or whatever… I want to know how many days I have left before each deadline. And that’s basically what Project Countdown does. It lets you import events from your calendar (or create fresh ones) and it gives you a prioritized list of your deadlines, letting you know how many days are left before the event, and how urgent it is. Priority is based on the number of days left, also on how many hours you think you need to put in to be on time. You can also create tasks within deadline, that later can be translated back to events.

There you go! More to come soon…