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From another world

The last day or so, I was in another world. Almost literally. When I came out of the house this morning to go to school, I took a deep breath and realized how focused I am on my project (meaning: I didn’t go outside for a while!).

I consider my app ready to ship. I know it’s not perfect, and many updates will come. But that last mile I did this week was so much longer than expected! Nothing was good enough, there was always a detail to improve, a bug to fix, etc. If I didn’t impose myself a deadline for this project, I would have never shipped it.

I should have done the AppStore data part a while ago: description of the app, keywords, etc. I guess screen shots are a last-minute deal anyway. Today, I wished for a colleague. For the first time ever. That final sprint was not an easy task. But enjoying doing the work alone 99% of the way, I will not complain and continue to work alone as long as I can. Well, at least to create my first AppStore app, working alone was an absolute must.

I also want to share an amazing tutorial I came across on raywenderlich.com. Yesterday, I started to look at how to submit my app for review. When raywenderlich.com comes up in google, I always take a look. I did not regret it.

I almost forgot to mention what my app does! Later… the week is not done!