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Doubting myself

Continuing without doubting myself is hard these days. I don’t doubt myself on a technical or programming point of view. I doubt myself because of money, or lack thereof.

Lastly, I have been spending quite some time on my app. The efforts are not wasted! I now have a very, very basic functionality in my app. Too basic to talk about, or publish, but enough to distinguish it as an app, and not some kind of primitive form.

Like I mention here, I log my hours. And one of the impact is I see all the hours I am putting into this project that I won’t charge to anyone. I like billing my hours.

At the same time, when I peek into job offers, I often see: “published at least n app(s) to the AppStore”. (Example here or here. Note that these examples require more experience that I have anyway, but I you get the point! I also see this requirement for low experience jobs). These efforts are not wasted. By any measure.

So on one side, I am currently working on a project that won’t pay my next rent, nor the one after that. But on the other side, this will be a key asset when looking for a job.

Another reason to keep me coding this non-profitable project is a conference that will happen here in Montréal (Québec) next April. If my app is ready, it will be presented… More on that conference in upcoming posts…