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A new player worth talking about

Sooner today, Ubuntu launched is new OS for tablets.

I saw the demo, and was pretty excited! I had already seen the presentation for the phone a few weeks back and I was curious. It seemed promising. Something worth digging into. The mobile Ubuntu OS has a non-commercial vibe that’s appealing. But it’s more than that. They come across, to me, as modest. They seem to say: we did it right. We don’t need marketing fireworks. It is integrated, beautiful, fast, secure. We offer an alternative.

That last part is important to me. Tonight, I really feel Ubuntu offers an alternative. And without all the marketing bull surrounding its product, it feels clean, refreshing.

I feel invited. Appealed. Charmed.

And I responded to that invitation by creating a Ubuntu 12.10 partition on my iMac and by downloading “quickly“, the start of the IDE to create mobile native apps.

I must stay focused on my goal, of course!

Note: you can follow them on twitter: @ubuntuappdev